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Research Log

lolcat history links:


Having trouble figuring out where to go from here.  A lot of what I’ve found and laid out so far has been information that I was at least somewhat familiar with.  While I certainly developed a much more complex understanding of lolcats, I know there are things I haven’t explored.  It was fairly easy finding sites like, but I’d like to find more sites like that incorporate lolcats into a larger framework.  Unfortunately, sites that have lolcats but don’t specifically feature them are hard to find via search engines since their main focus is usually unrelated (Fark, for example, is a news website). I’ve had some limited success searching for “lolcats” with various words tagged on, like “lolcat history”, but I think I’m going to need to start searching for anything lolcat-related on specific sites/networks at this point.

I also wanted to add more information about lolcat characters and styles (Serious Cat has his own page), but I’m realizing I’m going to need to make big changes to the set up of the original field guide.  I tried to make it flow as much as possible when I was initially working on it, so now it seems awkward to try to plug in extra information.  I think I’m going to lean more toward the model Doug showed us in the class this week, with each genre/character being assigned its own page, although I’m reluctant to lose some of the writing I’ve already done.


Things to be added/thoughts from my brainz:

Introduction to macros in general; looking at precursors to lolcats

  • kitten posters
  • motivationals
  • more comprehensive explanation of 4chan?  /b/?
  • shift from origin on image boards, to email circulation, to message boards

2. How lolcat enthusiasts use lolcats vs. use of lolcats as memorials, well wishes

3. Lolcats on Youtube/”funny cat videos” genre

4. Lolcat voice/tone/language style

  • childish/naive
  • cynical/annoyed
  • sad/pathetic
  • intellectual/articulate

5. Lolcats in meatspace


Moar links!

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    1. John Fenn permalink
      May 18, 2010 11:55 am

      Erin- Solid collection of resources, and some great questions/directions in your notes. I like the idea of situating lolcats in an aesthetic/semantic ecology of sorts—citing/exploring precursors, noting various uses, identifying the range of contexts they show up in, and examining aspects of style (language)—and do not think you have to worry about covering it ‘all’. A page per genre/character would be great, with a general intro (encompassing history, uses, contexts) and some kind of analytic/critical thinking framework threaded throughout would be great. Looking forward to it!

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