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Personal Learning Objectives

  • Engage in an ongoing dialogue about how the meaning of ‘art’ and social sustainability intersects with the cultural programming and folklore worlds as I inhabit them.
  • Expand my understanding of the many ways in which creative expression defines and is defined by social structures.
  • Build a personal database of art world resources using Diigo.
  • Examine the role of digital media in art worlds, specifically in regard to virtual communities and group art.
  • Develop a more nuanced understanding of how current art projects and worlds relate to the social structure they are created in.
  • Gain a clearer perspective of the changing meaning of art- and folklore-related careers like curating or collecting.

May 31, 2010

Over the past ten weeks I’ve developed a much clearer picture of the social constructs that influence arts practices, particularly in regard to participation.  I have a much less clear picture of what constitutes an ‘artist’ and how to determine contribution, but I think that’s a good thing. Because I want to work in a field that incorporates arts practices, I want to make sure that I’m always open to new forms of participation in order to accurately represent arts practices I’m researching.

My conception of sustainability was previously limited to economic or environmental concerns, but now I’m able to conceptualize social sustainability in a more useful way.  I had not previously considered the role of arts practices in generating culture, although I was familiar with the idea that culture generates quality of life.  I anticipate that connecting these two ideas will be benefit my understanding of how individuals interact with larger art worlds and cultural practices.

I’m still not sure about the future of curating and collecting, and I didn’t end up building “a personal database of art world resources using Diigo”, but I’ve developed a set of skills and ideas that will allow me to continue asking questions and exploring.  The field guide experience in particular was an unexpected and unique challenge that forced me to interrogate my own involvement in art worlds instead of abstractly theorizing about them.

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